The group was rescued by sound engineer Leonard Bukhov, who found his still front-line friend Günter Klibenstein, who was collecting old cars. A car in very excellent condition was rented for Stirlitz from his collection.

There were other interesting cases on German soil. For example, at one time Vyacheslav Tikhonov was almost arrested. In an SS Standartenfuehrer uniform, he decided to walk from the hotel to the set (not far away) and was immediately detained by the Berliners for this. They saw him as part of fascism and would already be escorted to the police station. Fortunately, members of the film crew heard the noise, rushed to the scene of the scandal, and took the artist back from the Berliners.

You know, reader, you know that the most popular Soviet television movie “17 Moments of Spring”, based on the story of Yulian Semyonov, was also shot in Riga. According to the scenario, his action begins somewhere on the same days of March, but exactly 60 years ago and in a completely different country – not in Latvia, but in Nazi Germany.

The Third Reich is already in full swing, with the ruins of cities and factories, but fascism is still resisting. Hitler still rages at his headquarters. And on the outskirts of Berlin, everything is quite calm, with the tree branches bare, only the spring wind swaying over the smooth cottage village. Standartenführer Stirlitz lives quietly in his mansion, himself Mr. Bolsen, himself a Soviet intelligence officer, Colonel Isaev.

Much has been said, written and shown about the series directed by T. Lioznova. The press has large publications, L. Parfenov has a series of television programs. About the script, the actors, the movie … Let’s go on the other hand – let’s start with the local texture, as they say. There are enough in Riga. Offhand – Pastor Schlag church, Blumenstrasse church of Bern with unsuccessful attendance, Berlin Nature Museum where Stirlitz watches Bormann’s car, and Colonel Standartenfuehrer’s workplace – Reich Reich Security Bureau – RSHA – are present. All these are totally real Riga sights. We will walk with you through the cinema of our beautiful city, Berlin.

Filming took place in different regions of the USSR and abroad. Berlin undamaged was shot in the capital of the DAC, more precisely in its eastern part. Pastor Schlag crossed the Swiss border while filming in Georgia. And the appearance of the Soviet intelligence officer on Tsvetochnaya Street in Bern “failed” in Riga, where Latvia’s capital is still shown as one of the most interesting places. The Zoological Museum, where Stirlitz was waiting for Bormann, was filmed in Leningrad. And the murder of the scoundrel Klaus (later restricted to traveling abroad, actor Lev Durov) took place in a forest near Moscow.

Note: not a zoo museum, but a nature museum. Apparently, the interiors were shot in Leningrad. And the outside of the building is in Riga.

And Professor Pleischner. A few hours before the failure, Evstigneev starts walking in the Mines in Germany (correct: Meissen), then looks after the cubs at the Tbilisi Zoo, reaches Blumenstrasse and is thrown through a window in Riga. And all this is not hidden from the viewer. After all, the main issue is not the unity of the place.

Filmmakers have to cross certain cities and countries like others, for different reasons. A deception emerges for the benefit of the viewer.

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